Bruno's Marketplace
Bruno’s Marketplace is an on-line store offering specialty food items, primarily the pickled products made in Northern California by Bruno Pepper Company. The store has been in operation since the late-1900s (circa 1997). Bruno’s Marketplace hopes to bring together gourmet food fans and our unique, quality foods via a usable web site and reliable service. Orders are processed at Bruno Pepper Company in Lodi, CA, a facility licensed to produce, store and ship food products. With each order that goes out we reassert our deep commitment to bringing you something good to eat. If you have questions or comments concerning Bruno’s Marketplace, its products, its services or this web site please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Like many of the families in the San Joaquin Valley, the Bruno’s began farming when they settled in the area in 1926. Tomatoes and grapes were the popular crops in the area. While the Bruno’s worked in large fields and orchards, they also kept a small garden so the family could enjoy fresh vegetables and make pickled peppers. The first batches of peppers supplied the family and were traded with other farmers for food items like canned peaches, eggs and canned tomatoes. The popularity of the product grew and Bruno Pepper Company commenced business in 1947. By 1954 the product’s popularity had pulled the family into the pepper business full-time and the Bruno’s brand was born. The Bruno’s brand name and Bruno’s Wax Peppers celebrated their 65th anniversary in 2019, a testament to delicious pickled products, a commitment to making quality food and customers who enjoy the unique and zesty. Bruno’s Wax Peppers start with a variety of pepper that, as the local legend goes, made its way to Northern California with Chilean immigrants who were seeking riches in the mines of California and Nevada in the late 1800’s. Consequently, the variety of pepper is also called chileno. It is not a common variety and develops unique pepper traits in the Northern California climate. When the Bruno family began pickling this variety in the 1940’s it was called an Italian Wax Pepper. Bruno’s Wax Peppers (Mild, Nippy, Hot & Sliced) still use the original, all-natural recipe. Pickling expertise and the local farming landscape produce two other products - Bruno's Pickled Green Beans and Bruno's Pickled Asparagus Spears. These items, along with a premium Red Wine Vinegar, have been part of the Bruno's lineup for over 40 years. While the many things have changed at Bruno Pepper Company since 1947 there still exists a family-led commitment to the hard work it takes to make quality products.

Sierra Nevada Chilenos
Sierra Nevada Chileno Peppers are a unique and zesty pickled pepper treat. This product starts with a special variety of pepper introduced to Northern California by Chilean immigrants in the 1870s. The variety produces a pickled pepper that is superior in crunch and flavor to other pepper varieties. The fresh pepper is pickled using only natural ingredients and a special spice blend. Sierra Nevada Chileno Peppers have been around over 40 years. The brand was born in the area around Bishop, CA, but have been produced and marketed by Bruno Pepper Company since the 1980’s. The chileno peppers are available in two “heat” levels – Regular and Hotters. Sierra Nevada Chilenos are pickled using a special blend of oregano and garlic to give the product that zesty Sierra Nevada flavor. The end result is an excellent pickled pepper that you can eat straight from the jar or enjoy with salads, sandwiches, pizza or nachos.