For most items, there is a discount if you order 6 or more of the same item and an even bigger discount if you order a full case (12 jars for most items). Each item has it's quantity discounts listed on the item page. Coupon codes are not typically used. Our inventory is pretty unique - we are the only company in the world that pickles this unique variety of pepper - so when we have a surplus you will find an item discounted. We don't use a coupon code in this case because we want everyone to take advantage. Any active coupon codes are published in our newsletter. Generally, an order for a case (twelve of the same item for most products) including shipping will be about the same price as grocery retail.

We offer shipping via UPS. The rates used on this site represent a discount to regular UPS rates. UPS gives us a discount for our volume and we pass that on to customers. We do not profit from shipping charges. See the Shipping link at the top of the page for more details.