If you are new to Bruno's or Sierra Nevada you might be wondering just what to expect for taste and flavor. The recipe for our pickled peppers goes back three generations with the Bruno family. This recipe has essentially remained unchanged since it was first used for Bruno's Wax Peppers in 1954. The simple ingredients - vinegar, water, salt and garlic - are the perfect complement to the peppers we pickle.

Compared to other pickled pepper recipes, Bruno's Wax Peppers and Sierra Nevada Chilenos use a recipe with more vinegar and slightly less salt. You will find this recipe makes our products zestier and brighter than the imported peppers most people are used to having.

 The vinegar in the recipe makes these peppers the perfect addition to sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, tacos and more. Visit the Recipes page (below) for some tasty appetizer ideas. The secret: the vinegar helps accentuate the flavors in things like cheese and meats. Both brands are right at home on a charcuterie platter.

Bruno's Wax Peppers and Sierra Nevada Chilenos  are gluten-free, fat-free product (no cholesterol, no added sugars). The recipe for the pickled peppers is a natural pickling recipe - no artificial preservatives, just vinegar and salt. The ingredients for the pickling brine are non-GMO, as are the peppers. Our pickling recipe is just one part of the flavor experience. The real star of the show is the specialty wax pepper that we grow, process and pickle. Visit the Italian Wax Peppers link below to learn more about the unique pepper.

Another component of your flavor experience is spicy heat. This is VERY subjective - one person's "too hot" can be another person's "weak heat". When a pepper on this site is listed as MILD or REGULAR that means it will have a small amount spicy pepper heat. If they had no heat they would be called "sweet" (i.e. sweet bell peppers). Peppers listed as NIPPY or HOTTER will have a moderate amount of pepper heat - not quite the heat of an average jalapeno pepper.